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Like others, were you frustrated with continuous copier technical problems you encountered? Did you already found a service that can help you with your technical concerns in Santa Maria, CA? If not, you have set your hands and eyes on the right webpage! Clear Choice Technical Service can help you!

Clear Choice Technical Service believes that the best products and services should be made available to everyone. And thus, our company has devised a plan to make a premium-class, budget-friendly copier lease available.

Entrust Your Technical Concern to the Best Repair Service

Clear Choice Technical Services has been in the industry for more than 20 years all over the US. Our company is dedicated to providing the fastest and surest solution to all technical concerns our clients raise. 

With that, we ensure that our expert technicians conduct routine visits to our clients’ copier machines as part of our service agreement. This is the most effective method for avoiding costly downtime and unnecessary headaches. This contract also includes the following guarantees:

  • Certified technicians provide prompt services
  • Service whenever and wherever needed
  • Unlimited service calls without additional charges
  • Responds to queries immediately and effectively
  • Easy payment method

A Trusted Name in Leasing, Renting and Investing Copier Service

One of the company’s trusted names when it comes to leasing, renting, and investing in copier service is Clear Choice Technical Services. We ensure that our clients will get excellent technical care to prevent them from experiencing headaches and downtime with any of the machines. 

With that, we also have a piece of big news! You can now rent a copier from us without any legal complications. You do not have to sign a contract when you only need a copier for a few days or weeks. You will get one of the best-performing copy machines and excellent technical support and toner supplies.

Clear Choice Technical Service Has The Solution For You

We understand the importance of equipment and devices to people, their work, and businesses. As a result, we prioritise each service request and perform on-site repairs anywhere, at any time. 

Clear Choice Technical Services is known for providing high-quality maintenance and repair services. In addition, we have created cost-effective other office and business solutions that are guaranteed to last for years and come with a full warranty.

If you’re a start-up business, you might be surprised by how big of a commitment it is to buy office equipment like Scanners, Audio and Visual devices. You may not be ready for that just yet. If you find yourself lacking funds or finances, you should probably look for a Renting as a better option. Join our long list of satisfied and happy customers who saved thousands through Scanner rentals. We have the answers to your business needs. Our warehouse contains the top of the line Digital Scanner Screens available in all sizes.

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For a long-term investment, you can choose from our top-of-the-line multifunction copiers.


Enjoy a new office machine without having to break the bank by leasing a multifunction machine.


Find the highest-quality copier for your special event or any short-term use minus the inconvenience of setting up. 


Enjoy reliable repair services for continuous copier functions, preventing unnecessary downtime. 


You can consult our company’s specialists for more cost-effective solutions and technologically advanced measures if you want to increase your business leverage. Check out our best leasing options and call us at (805) 413-5788. You will get more benefits and save more money with Clear Choice Technical Services!

Call Clear Choice Technical Services at (805) 413-5788 and get the best quote! You can also ask our company for a free demo trial!

No More Maintenance Worries!

Let Scanner Rental Dallas take care of all the hassle of setting up equipment for your Event. Our rental rates are inclusive and included set up and delivery. Whether you need it for a day or month, renting can give you high quality Scanner Systems and an affordable price.

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“The Technicians are very approachable! Thank you Clear Choice. you have my thumbs up….“


– Vince Alonzo

“I was taken care of Personally — a rarity as everyone cuts corners (human corners) these days. Thank you so so much….. and best of luck.”


–  Robert E Roberson

“Hat’s off to the entire Clear Choice Technical Services team! I can’t thank you enough! More orders definitely coming your way soon!”


– Richard Boykins

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