Copier Leasing Agreements Things to Remember

A copier lease service is a binding agreement between two parties, the lessor and the lessee. These copier lease agreements are often unilaterally made and forged by the lessor, subject to the acceptance of the lessee. Thus, it is quite important that you fully understand the terms of the lease before you enter into a lease agreement. Today, a lot of companies readily agree to the terms and conditions set forth by the lessor, such as those who offer managed print services and allow copier leasing. This often places companies at the losing end especially when they neither asked nor familiarized themselves with the different lease terms. Here is some vital information you need to ascertain before leasing.

Determine the End-of-Lease Payment Process

Depending on the agreement, there are leases that provide that the expiration of the period will require lessees to pay on a monthly basis. However, you have to be wary of unscrupulous dealers wherein they would allow the lease to lapse and yet would continue charging you for the elapsed time. You may be surprised to find an invoice by the end of a quarter after the expiration of the copier leasing. So clear up this aspect and make sure that you know the details really well.

Secure Your Rights through Proper Documentation

In the legal profession, it is always evidence that matters. No amount of anger or sincerity can ever topple the weight of strong evidence. It is the same when you are leasing a copier for your office. Your agreement with the copier lease service provider has to be established in a lease contract or agreement. This will ensure that all provisions of the lease have been agreed upon from the very beginning. Without any documentation, you may find it hard to assert your rights legally. Yes, you may have a verbal agreement with the lesser, but it will not hold water in court. Your only proof of the terms and conditions of your lease would be the document.

Copier Leasing Agreements Things to Remember

Check Provisions on Warranty and Rebates

It may not be enough for you to simply rely on the word of the lessor especially when it comes to warranty and rebates. Remember that these things require the lessor to spend time and money, something any businessman wouldn’t want to do. So make sure that the copier you have chosen is covered under a solid warranty. You surely may not like it if you simply discovered that your copier is not working properly and that the lessor would not want to have anything to do with it, right? So before agreeing, determine the warranty and rebates concerning the copier.

Inquire About Shipping Terms

Remember that a copier is not like a printer, wherein, you can simply carry it with both hands. A copier is quite bulky, which would require the help of several more adults to transfer it from one place to another. If the copier has to be shipped from one place to your home or office, then make sure that you determine who shall shoulder the shipping costs. Would the lessor pay it before it leaves port or will you be the one to shoulder the expenses? It isn’t enough that you know this data, you also have to determine how much it would be in all. That way, you would always come prepared.

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So you see, there is a copier end-of-lease terms agreement that you have to know before even engaging the services of managed service providers. Be vigilant and make sure that everything is laid down in black and white and that you know all the aspects of the lease. This will protect you from unscrupulous individuals who may try to take advantage of your needs.