Kyocera CS-305ci Multi-function Copier Rental in Santa Maria

Looking for high-quality performing printers and copiers is quite a daunting task. But, there’s nothing to worry about. The printers and copiers produced by Kyocera are known to be cost-efficient, highly reliable, and packed with features.

The following is a thorough review of one of the high-performing and compelling copier leasing made by Kyocera. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading and enjoy!

Making multiple copies of any document can now be done fast and easily because the Kyocera CS-305ci is finally here! It is known for delivering a high-quality performance that helps anyone to have improved work productivity. Aside from that, it also comes with advanced finishing abilities and flexible configuration to create black-and-white and even coloured outputs.

Kyocera is known to produce machines with long-life and ultra-reliability technology, providing maximum efficiency, proven productivity, and superior performance. If you are looking for documented quality and imaging innovation, experts highly recommend the Kyocera CS-305ci.

Many people are quite confused about the difference between a printer and a copier. Well, a copier leasing service has been around and used by many companies for a couple of years. Some may think that it is a traditional machine. Well, it is somehow correct, but it can still perform lots of essential functions.

Kyocera CS-305ci Features

Different copiers come with unique features and sizes. These two will vary on the business size and the intended load of work the machine needs to fulfil. The first part of this article will talk about the most notable features of the Kyocera CS-305ci.

  • The Kyocera CS-305ci offers a big help to most of the companies out there. It comes with numerous abilities enabling anyone to make a copy of a document with ease and convenience. The said machine can fax, email, scan, print, and copy a document. You can initiate these functions by selecting the options on the onboard interface.
  • The Kyocera CS-305ci comes with an automatic document feeder feature. That being said, the machine will automatically grab the original copy of the document instead of manually placing it onto its glass surface. This feature enables the machine to accommodate about 50 of the original documents that will then be fed into the machine hands-free. The whole copying process can be programmed. The machine will work itself, which means that you will save both labour and time.
  • Another interesting feature of this copier is its ability to enlarge or reduce the document’s original size. For instance, you can copy a legal-sized document into a letter-sized paper. It also enables you to enlarge the size of a document by about 600 per cent. With this, you can make copies of your preferred size.
  • It can sort the copied documents automatically. It enables you to create copies of the proper sort. Also, it is possible since the machine comes with an automatic collator. This feature works for copying and collating numerous copies.
  • Like the other models of copiers on the market, this one also comes with a two-sided copying feature. That being said, you only need to use only a few papers to copy multiple documents.
Kyocera CS-305ci Multi-function Copier Rental in Santa Maria

Benefits Of Buying Kyocera CS-305 ci

When planning to purchase a brand-new printer or copier, it is essential to know the benefits that you can get from it. You might experience a little trouble when you purchase a device without knowing its features and benefits. Fortunately, in this section, you will learn the benefits of buying Kyocera CS-305 ci.


Kyocera was awarded for being the best producer of reliable machines way back in 2018. The experts thoroughly reviewed the Kyocera CS-305ci, and most of them gave a total impression of 10 over 10. They also say that it would be impossible for this model to show defects or damages.

Another benefit you can get from this machine is the fact that Kyocera’s line of copiers and printers is known because of its above-average performance in terms of multi-tasking capabilities, speed, and image quality.


We know some copiers are quite expensive. If your budget won’t allow you to purchase a brand-new machine, a copier for lease is a good choice. Compared to the other brands and models, the Kyocera CS-305 ci is way more inexpensive. But, despite its affordability, one can rest assured that it offers quality and compelling performance.

Many of the copiers out there come with cartridges that feature toner, developer, and drum. That being said, there’s a high chance that the cartridge should be replaced more frequently. Aside from that, it could also be damaged because of simple wear and tear.

On the other hand, the Kyocera CS-305ci comes with a separate toner cartridge and ceramic drum. Since then, you can rest assured that it can be used for a longer time without replacing these things.


One of the major problems with copiers is that some of them can show signs of defects due to improper setup or wrong usage. If you have a damaged copier, consider the copier repair in Santa Maria. Copiers lease Santa Maria also offers you features known for creating quality copies of documents.

Kyocera CS-305ci is made from quality materials and is rich with high-functioning features. That being said, it can help you to produce a good-looking and professionally-crafted copy of documents.

Common Problems With Kyocera CS-305ci

Anyone who uses copiers for personal or work purposes knows how frustrating it is when the machine starts showing signs of defects and issues. The following are among the common problems anyone may encounter while using the Kyocera CS-305ci. Read on to know further.

Paper Jams

The first machine error anyone encounters is a paper jam. It might occur when the paper’s wrong size was used or the improper loading of the coupons. It can result in the copier pulling papers improperly. This problem can negatively affect the employees, such as missing important deadlines or showing up late during meetings.

If you need a copier repair, for this reason, make sure to hire a professional and reliable machine technician. Before you head to the technician’s area, consider pulling out the jammed papers and start to reload them with the right paper alignment and size.

Lines On Paper

Your copier has shown defects when your finished copy comes with lines, streaks, or other known deformities. Lines on paper are problems caused by various reasons, which lets you have a hard time solving them.

Anyone can solve this issue by cleaning the mirrors and glass of the scanner and getting rid of the interference. To ensure that you are cleaning the machine properly, read, and understand the manual of the machine first. If the issue remains unsolved and you don’t have enough money to buy a brand-new set, you might consider copier rental or copier leasing. It helps you to save money while you are still saving for purchasing a new one.

Wrinkled Pages

Wrinkled pages entail that the copies are made unprofessionally. Some may consider it a simple issue, but employees bringing wrinkled copies of documents, reports, or agendas to a meeting may look unprofessional. This problem might be the cause of worn-out exit rollers and feed, which also causes jamming or sticking. Aside from that, moisture and worn-out paper trays can also be the reasons for wrinkled pages.

To repair this issue, you might consider replacing trays and getting the exit rollers and feeders repaired by a professional.

Kyocera CS-305ci Multi-function Copier Rental In Santa Maria

Understandably, small and starting companies don’t have enough budget to buy numerous copiers. That being said, Kyocera CS-305ci multi-function copier rental in Pratt, Kansas, can be your option. Copier leasing in Santa Maria does not require you to have to spend a lot of money only to use a device for a limited time. As a result, you can allocate your budget to other things that can help with your business.

Copier lease in Santa Maria helps small business owners to use a copier while spending less money. It helps businesses to enjoy the full features of a copier by making copies whenever they need to, in a convenient, easy, fast, and affordable way.

You can have a lot of reasons to say that a copier rental is essential. Besides, this is true. Renting one, on the other hand, will allow you to save a substantial amount of money since a single machine can help anyone boost their productivity and efficiency.

Office efficiency and productivity are essential factors that should be maintained. That being said, there are lots of machines that can perform the work of a human. One of these is a copier. The said machine, such as the Kyocera CS-305ci, helps office employees to make multiple copies of their documents in just three easy steps.

If you are in Santa Maria and you are looking to purchase a copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services in Santa Maria. You can ask about Copier Leasing Services in Santa MariaCopier rental services in Santa Maria, and Copier Repair in Santa Maria.

On the other hand, the market is equipped with various brands and models of a copier, making it hard for you to choose the best machine.