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What Is Your Copier’s Print-Per-Minute?

A copier has been a part of everyday work life, especially if you are at the office where the delivery and production of documents are voluminous. Documents are printed using 3-in-1 copiers. There are also instances when a single document would require several copies for both your office and your clients. During the busiest days, the photocopier might be working 24/7 due to the long queue of documents that the office needs. So if you are in the stage of planning to purchase a photocopier for your office, one thing that you need to consider is the copier’s PPM.

What is PPM?

Pages-per-minute, or PPM, is the number of pages that a copier can copy within one minute. Some copiers have a higher PPM, which means that they can churn out a lot of copies of a document in a single minute. On the other hand, some copiers don’t’ work as much and would only produce a fraction of the pages that copiers with high PPM produce.

While this may be a measure of the technical capacity of a copier, it is one thing that even the non-techie member of the office has to look into. This has a way of affecting business operations in more ways than one.

How to choose the copier with the right PPM 

First, you need to take a look at the requirements of your office. How many times do you need to make copies of documents? How many copies do you make for each document? If the answer to any of these is “a lot,” then for sure, you need a copier with a higher PPM. There are many copiers in New York that can produce as many as 50 copies per minute. If your office does not need this much, then you can go for one with a lower PPM. In the same manner, if your office makes copies occasionally within a day, then one that can provide fewer pages per minute will be sufficient.

What Is Your Copier’s Print-Per-Minute?

Should you go for the one with the highest PPM?

Not exactly! Copiers that can produce more pages per minute would also entail a higher price. You would be looking at a difference of thousands of dollars when you’re talking about differences in PPMs between copiers. However, you also have to consider future use when deciding upon a copier, and not just make the “price” your sole determinant of whether to go for one with a lower PPM and forego the higher one. 

Copiers with lower PPM could not be overworked. You just have to make copies within the capacity of the copier. If you push it to more than what it was intended to, you run the risk of your copier conking out faster than you could imagine. So try to determine whether you see your office expanding soon and may require a higher output than what you are producing now. On the other hand, if you think that there is no way that your office would expand, then you can settle for one with a lower PPM.

The verdict on PPM-related dilemma

If you have the budget, getting a copier with a higher PPM would be putting your best foot forward. You will never know what your business will achieve soon. It’s even possible that your expansion is just around the corner. So it may be a wise decision for you to choose a more powerful copier at this point in time. This would be an investment that you will find worth it when the time comes that your business has grown exponentially.

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