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Things to Do When a Copier Lease Contract Ended

A copier lease is a binding contract. A leasing company or other financial institution gives it to a company. The company pays as long as one has the machine. A lease program makes one pay toward a goal of owning it. One can choose to buy a copier anywhere before the lease ends based on the company goals and values. 

After leasing a copy machine, a company can end it by following the four steps:

  1. A company can make a letter of consent.
  2. It must check the condition of the machine.
  3. After checking the condition of the machine, you can return it.
  4. You can ask the capital office for help if necessary.

Listed below is clear guidance on how to end your copier lease contract. 

Step 1: Letter of Intent

The letter of intent will confirm the nonrenewal of the copier leasing agreement. Each lease document has unique ending requirements, so the customer must read the letter and note the requirements. Carelessness is costly. Renewal takes up to a year.

Step 2: Machine Condition

The customer must return the equipment in good, working order. It means it turns on. Also, it must pass the order. It must not have any cosmetic damages like dented panels and broken parts. To record disputed issues to save money, the customer must take photos or videos. Returning equipment takes three years because of reviews and other dings and dents. 

Step 3: Returning the Copier

The customer must request return instructions from the financier holding the lease. Usually, it prompts final bills. Once the customer pays the lease, it must know where to return the copier. The customer must arrange the equipment freight transportation. It must also ensure insurance and packaging and confirm delivery from the shipping company. 

Contacting the Capital Office

If the customer needs help, it must call the leasing company soon. The office knows handling the lease ending process well. It is due to its long experience. 

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To end leasing, one must write a letter of intent. Also, it must check the machine’s condition. It must return it. It must ask the capital office for help